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Getting Motivated - The Missing Link

Posted By Administration, Friday, July 8, 2016

Getting Motivated - The Missing Link

by Liz Becker 


Motivation. Oh boy do I love that word when I am excited to do something. And oh boy do I hate that word when I dread to do something! What exactly is motivation and how do we get motivated when we are at a standstill? Motivation is an internal or external trigger that propels us to get in action.  It could be something we say or think to ourselves, or something we see or hear in the outside world that sets off the trigger.  Regardless of what the trigger is, there are three distinct reasons we are actually going to be motivated to do something: DESIRE, NECCESITY, or POSSIBILITY.


We are motivated to do something based on desire when we want something badly.

Necessity pushes us to do something because we feel we need to do it and have no choice in the matter. And finally, possibility is when we do something simply because it is available for us to do!


Depending on context, we do various things in our lives due to desire, necessity and possibility, however we usually have a preference that actually automatically motivates us to take action. Think about the most recent activity you were extremely motivated to do and ask yourself if you did it because you wanted to do it, needed to or because it was possible for you to do. You will be able to pick an answer.  


So why is this all important? Because if you want to get yourself motivated to do something you are not necessarily comfortable with, whether it is going to networking events, making warm calls for your business or speaking in front of a group, you must first understand how you specifically get motivated.


I am usually extremely motivated when it comes to necessity.  This is quite common with business owners because although we don’t necessarily love to do some of the tasks we do, we feel we have to or else our business will not run properly. I am not motivated to prepare my financial reports, but I do them because I have to! So for example, if I want to have lunch with a friend but there is a pile of receipts on my desk that need to be filed, I will probably not go to lunch because I am more motivated to do what I need rather than want. If my motivational preference were desire, I most likely would be more motivated to go for lunch with my friend and figure out the receipts when I get back (or procrastinate for days). 


When we take a good look at the last items on our marketing to-do lists, we usually did not complete them because we either did not have time or were not motivated enough. We tend to blame lack of time for pretty much everything we don’t get to do.  Although time can be quite limited, if you really think about it, most people make time for everything they are truly motivated to do!  So if you are stuck and lack motivation in getting something accomplished either personally or professionally, here are three steps to help get yourself into gear.


1.     Find out what your general preference is when you don’t have a problem to be motivated to do something.  Did you do it because you wanted to, needed to or simply because it was possible?


2.     Apply that motivational strategy to what you are stuck in.  For example, if your general preference is necessity and you want to start networking more but you can’t get yourself motivated to go to the events, you will have to find enough compelling reasons of why you NEED to get to the event.  It is imperative to make that list, because once you realize the need, you will be motivated to do it. The more on the list, the quicker the motivation. Same works for the other preferences.   If your motivational strategy is desire, and you are trying to get motivated for something you don’t want to do, you will have to look a bit beyond what is directly in front of you.  Make a list of all of things you can achieve or obtain (that you desire) by completing the task.   Remember, you are really going to have to want those things badly to get motivated to do that task that will bring them to you!


3.     Keep that list handy so that you continue to enforce the reasons that fit your motivational preference until your once struggle turns into habit and ultimately pleasure!


So what are you waiting for? Go and get motivated!


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