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Building Your Divorce Industry Network: 6 Tips for Building Professional Relationships

Posted By Content Bacon, Thursday, December 27, 2018


The referral and networking process deserves your focus. Here’s why it’s crucial in the professional sphere of divorce.


Networking is vital in any industry. However, in the delicate realm of divorce, it can be even more crucial for professionals.


Divorcing couples need many professional referrals. These family-related situations are stressful already, and they appreciate quality referrals even more.  They are dealing with the stress of their situation and can barely get through their day.  They need your support.  They need a village of highly capable professionals to help them through it all.


Because networking in the divorce sphere can be tricky, here are some tips for you to keep in mind, whether you’re a divorce lawyer, counselor, or financial professional in the industry.


1. Be proactive


Forbes said that they surveyed 171 divorce attorneys, and most of them (75 percent) expected clients to refer others to them throughout the next three years.


However, just because your client had an exceptional  experience, doesn’t mean they’ll automatically refer you to someone they know. The problem is that no one talks about their experience in the divorce process. It’s definitely not a fun topic to discuss.  This is a problem in the divorce industry.   When no one talks about their experiences, it’s difficult to rely on them for a referral.  That’s why working with trusted advisors for couples, i.e., the people that help them with other legal matters, people that work with them and their money, people that work with their mental health and well-being, and those that support them with their mutually held assets like their real estate and businesses, are great referral partners.


You have to be proactive about it. It’s ok to give people your card and let them know you’re taking new clients, whatever field you work in within the divorce sphere.  However, to be memorable, you need to let them know what problems you solve in divorce matters.  If a professional doesn’t know what problems you solve, they cannot refer you to their client with a particular problem. 


You have to put your “solutions” in their mind, or else they may not think to recommend you in the future.


2. Don’t just network, build relationships!


No matter what your profession in the divorce sphere is, don’t end your networking efforts with slipping them a business card – make connections!   A quote by Reid Hoffman says “One of the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it’s making cold calls to strangers. It’s the people who already have strong trust relationships with you, who know you’re dedicated, smart, a team player, who can help you’.  In other words, doing business is easier when people know like and trust trust trust you!  Develop this kind of relationship with other professionals, and your business will grow exponentially!  This includes networking with other licensed professionals your clients are seeing to get them through these trying processes.


Attorneys can refer clients to counselors, and vice versa. Financial professionals can refer clients to those that can deal with real estate issues. So it goes on and on.


Tap into this resource by seeking out others in the divorce industry in your area. With online networking resources in today’s culture, your opportunities are endless.  Check out our NADP directory for other professionals to meet.


3. Join online communities


Speaking of online networking…


Take your online content marketing strategies a step above just having a website. You should also be engaging with social media sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook. Join relevant groups on these sites, whether they’re groups of divorce professionals or those who have gone through or are going through a divorce.


Once you find these communities, you can target ads for your business or reach out to individuals who need help. Just remember to keep interactions on social media professional, including what you post and share on your page.  If you come across as too “salesy” you’ll set yourself for frustration.  No one will refer you if they feel their clients’ are going to be “sold” something.   Come across as the caring giving resource and the business will follow. 


4. Personalize your approach


When you’re engaging with potential clients online, don’t forget that because divorce is delicate, your approach needs to feel personal and thoughtful.


Show potential clients that you know what they are going through, or are about to go through,  because of your experience with previous clients or something you learned at an NADP meeting while discussing their unique situation with them. Show that you understand how hard it can be to go through a divorce.  Being empathetic is important.  It’s putting yourself in their shoes, and they will feel it from you.


Rather than just treating your clients like customers who are interchangeable, divorcing couples want to feel cared for and understood. These are emotional processes, so show compassion every step of the way, even when reaching out to a network.   No good professional will put a shattered and broken couple into the hands of someone who has no empathy for their situation.  Be a giver.  Give of your resources and the referrals will follow.


5. Create a blog or news outlet


Sharing information in the industry is a great way to network with other individuals and gives your clients an idea of your commitment to the divorce process. Include other professionals’ quotes in your blogs.  Link to their blogs or websites, or invite another professional to write a guest post on your site.


The more you’re able to network via thoughtful, relevant content, the more you’re going to be interconnected to a large community where everyone is discussing similar topics and sharing valuable information and updates.


Post these blog updates or articles on your social media channels, too, and tag other professionals, and industries. You’ll be much easier to find online by potential clients who are seeking divorce resources.


6. Host events


Once you have started to create and foster your community of divorce professionals, combine resources to create a local event doing something you enjoy.   Topgolf, wine tasting, classes, and invite NADP members as well as others in the industry in your area.


Whether it’s a simple happy hour or full day of seminars, this is a great way to get people together and to continue to get your name and your professionalism out there. You can then start up regular get-togethers like this to keep expanding your network in your area.


These six tips will get you started when building a network of professional relationships in the divorce industry. With new online resources popping up every day, the opportunities are endless, so take advantage of content marketing strategies and social media channels available to you.


You’ll find even more resources and tips by engaging with the National Association of Divorce Professionals. Our goal is to positively influence the divorce process through strategic alliances and educational resources for divorce professionals to better serve their clients. Become a member today to take advantage of all the resources we have to offer such as networking opportunities, access to educational and business resources, and a listing in our national directory.

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