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Coronavirus Webinar Series
Coronavirus and Divorce
The Coronavirus has taken many of us off guard.  As divorce professionals, how do we handle a crisis that impacts not only those in our community and our country, but the entire world?  The effects of this pandemic is undoubtedly being felt by all of us both personally and professionally. Covid-19 has not only changed the way our clients experience divorce but has created several new challenges for the professionals guiding them through these treacherous waters. To help you prepare for what is ahead, we have introduced an entire series of NADP member-only webinars so you can stay updated with the latest information and ultimately make a positive impact on the changing divorce process. 


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Upcoming webinars








Friday, June 22nd @ 12 noon EST


Given the volatility in the market place caused by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of how long such impact or any future impacts of additional significant events could further prolong the global economic slowdown, all which can have a direct impact on the value of a company.  Since ownership in a privately held business can be the major asset of many divorces our first presentation of a series in this area is called "COVID-19 and the Impact on Business Valuations in Divorce".  This presentation will provide a clearer way to look at valuation in these times of uncertainty and how it can impact a Divorce.

This webinar is important for anyone who must deal with the legal matters, financial issues and selling of businesses and real estate.

CLE's are pending on our Coronavirus series.


Bruce Richman, ABV/CPA, CVA, CFE, CFF, CPEP


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Tuesday, May 12th @ 12 noon EST


It is essential to review your estate plan during and after a divorce.  For those who live in an area st rongly impacted by the coronavirus, the urgency of this is heightened, and at the same time, the obstacles are higher.  The medical complications that can arise if a client is afflicted by this virus are severe. The course of the virus and the treatment can take over a month and involve a period of incapacity. For those who live, there may be lingering or even lasting effects. You can’t control everything in life, but you can prepare for the eventuality that happens to all of us. An estate plan is one of the tools that you can put in place to help protect yourself and your family during these uncertain times.

Join us at noon on Tuesday, May 12, to hear two estate planning attorneys discuss why this is important for divorcing clients, and how it can best be accomplished.



Jennifer Fulton

Lauren Eisen

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Friday, May 22nd @ 12:00 noon EST


In the past couple of months, since the lockdown began, we are seeing an increase in domestic fighting and domestic abuse.  Dysfunctional high conflict couples stuck in the same home are experiencing an entirely new set of challenges and so are the professionals they have hired for their divorce. During this webinar, Bill Eddy will provide you with valuable tips to manage your high conflict clients and overcome some of the obstacles you are experiencing when trying to virtually provide your service to them



Bill Eddy is a lawyer, therapist, mediator, best-selling author, and the co-founder, Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President of the High Conflict Institute. He pioneered the High Conflict Personality Theory (HCP Theory) and has become an international expert on managing disputes involving high conflict personalities and personality disorders.  He has been a speaker and trainer in over 30 U.S. states and 10 countries.

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Tuesday, April 21 @ 12 noon EST


When a couple’s largest asset, their home, has to be sold in a market that’s been turned upside down, what are the options?      In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What has happened in the U.S. real estate industry after the market has crashed in the past.
  • Trends in China’s real estate market post quarantine,
  • How valuations will be done now
  • Services that family law attorneys will need, and how realtors can fill their requests.
  • Refinancing & m  ortgages
  • The state of the markets in certain regions 

Once the Coronavirus is past us, we must be prepared to handle the expected spike in divorce filings.      Join the real estate experts and find out how you can exceed your client’s expectations while managing the ups and downs of their most valuable asset.



Laurel Starks, David Perry & Samantha Tenzer-Friedman







Tuesday, April 28th @ 4:00 PM EST


As the days pass, and uncertainty lingers, we must stay focused on what's in our control.  Although we do not know what to expect, we do know at some point we will have to get back on our feet and create a "new normal" both at home and at work. During this presentation, Robin Lavitch, Executive coach & founder of Surpass your Goals, and Liz Becker, Communication Skills Trainer and NADP Co-Founder/President, will share with you their recommended tools to overcome the adversity of this pandemic including valuable tips from  Robin's   B.O.U.N.C.E back from setbacks program









 Tuesday, April 14th @ 4 PM EST


If you have questions about the Payroll Protection Plan, CARES ACT or EIDL, this is a webinar you should attend.  Join financial experts Marianela Collado CPA/PFS, CFP®, and Sherri Fiske- Schultz CPA, CFF, BVA & Karen Ross, EA,  to hear about  updates, changes and opportunities regarding the SBA Emergency Relief Programs and more.







Friday, April 17th @ 12 noon


As movement restrictions rise, aimed to stop the spread of COVID-19 may be making violence   in homes more frequent, more severe, and more dangerous. Limiting movement has forced families to spend more time at home, leading to increased calls to 911 for domestic   violence  .    Such is another ugly side of this disease. 


According to United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres said in a recent tweet:


"Peace is not just the absence of war. Many women under lockdown for #COVID19 face violence where they should be safest: in their own homes. Today I appeal for peace in homes around the world. I urge governments to put women's safety first as they respond to the pandemic."

As divorce professionals, we need to be ready to face the impending flood of divorce filings as a byproduct of COVID-19, and many will include accusations and physical evidence of domestic  violence  In this webinar, you will understand the statistics of DV, the criteria for reporting, and who is responsible for reporting and to whom.  You’ll learn about the physical attributes of blunt force trauma and strangulation, and most importantly, how to report it, when to call the police and the local resources you may need to support your client.



Master Deputy Sheriff Gary Gordon & Blunt Trauma and Strangulation Expert RN Tara Godoy








 Tuesday, April 7th @ 12 noon


What impact will coronavirus have on families with children in other countries? During an International crisis, having answers for children, or a co-parent in another country is critical. 


JoinLaura Arcaro – Family Law Attorney and International Child Abduction expert and International Family Law Attorney from Rome Italy, Marco Calabrese as we discuss;


  • The Hague Convention – which countries are members and which countries do not honor international relocation orders.
  • International Time-Sharing and parenting plans – getting in front of a judge
  • The challenges of child exchanges and child sharing during a pandemic
  • The importance of entry of mirror orders in the other country and enforcement provisions
  • Wrongful removal and retention
  • What remedies are there?
  • Restrictions on international travel
  • Modifying Time-Sharing or Child support Proving permanent condition...or temporary abatement
  • What happens if your child gets stuck in another country.
  • Establishing a long distancing parenting plan
  • can someone use coronavirus as an excuse to keep their child?






Friday, April 10th @ 12 noon

Co-parenting during the Coronavirus pandemic has proven to be filled with emotional challenges and legal issues that make this topic extremely important to the health and well-being of children of divorced parents.  We are bringing three mental health experts, Alyse November, Dana Cahn and Susan Shirley, to help you help your clients through the unique challenges that time-sharing and "Shelter At Home" requirements have caused.   
Join us for this important discussion about;
  • The physiological impacts of stress on the brain in both co-parents and in their children 
    • How cortisol impacts the decision making in parents 
      • How cortisol impacts the behaviors of children
      • Tips to limit the production of cortisol for the entire family
      • Managing triggers in parents and children during this time
  • Special needs children and co-parenting with technologies 
    • What are the best techniques for dealing with children who experience 
      • Autism
      • Developmental delays
      • Behavioral issues
  • Negotiating with a difficult co-parent 
    • How to position the importance of keeping the children safe
    • How to align with a narcissist
    • When to bring in the court system
  • Managing the new dynamic of child sharing 
    • Tips for keeping families engaged using technologies






Wednesday, April 1st @ 12 noon


As family courts shut down across the country, divorces must now be handled virtually. This change will clearly have an effect on all parties involved, including judges, attorneys, expert witnesses and of course, the families themselves.  During this webinar our expert panel will discuss what present accommodations are being made, and also what challenges and obstacles we can expect in the upcoming months. 



Judge Tarlika Navarro & Attorneys Michael B. Gilden and Jason Tuchman






Friday, April 3rd @ 12 noon


Join Family Law Attorney Tom Marks and Certified Financial Planner Avani Ramnani as we discuss the collision of the rise and fall of the markets and asset values with both upcoming and post divorce settlement statements. Are we headed for a recession? How will you handle the surge for modifications of spousal support and child support and even child custody? What happens when the value of their portfolio on the date of filing is so different now? How will we value assets like stocks 401Ks and real estate during this chaotic time when planning for the futures of our clients? How do we write a fair and equitable settlement that protects your client? Get the answers to this and so much more.






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